Saving and managing links from your iPhone

How do you manage links you want to save from your iPhone? I asked Twitter for suggestions on how other people do this.

Saving and managing links from your iPhone
This has been a question on my mind for a while, as I’ve not found a good way to deal with links I find while on my iPhone, and want to keep for later.
I don’t use Safari on my Mac, so bookmarking them in iOS and syncing them isn’t an option.
Up to now, I’ve developed a semi-automated method of emailing them to myself (using iOS Shortcuts) to process and stash somewhere when I’m next on my Mac. This works, but just clutters up my email inbox. It also doesn’t encourage me to keep everything in one place.
So I at the end of last year I asked Twitter what people use.
Here’s a list of the top solutions people gave:
  • Raindrop – A proper bookmarking app, which will sync between devices.
  • Pocket, Readwise, Matter – These are really designed for saving articles, but can be used to manage links in general.
  • Apple Notes – Easy to save to on iOS, and sync to your Mac.
  • My Mind – Another notes app, with an iOS app that will sync.
  • WhatsApp, Signalapp, Telegram – These are chat apps, but you could set up a personal group and just post everything in there for future reference.
The solution I’ve gone with is Raindrop. I’ll evaluate how it’s going after a few months.

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